Robin’s 8 week workshop has been a real breakthrough experience for me as a writer. The exercises we did, Robin’s input, and sharing one’s work in an environment filled with amazing energy and positive encouragement have helped me tremendously to find my real voice while reigniting my passion for the art of writing. This workshop was the key for me to leave my place of ‘I am not good enough to be a writer/I don’t have enough time to learn how to get better etc.’ to – ‘I know I am a writer, I am not afraid to invest time into my passion and I know the only way to get better is to sit down and actually write more often.

Robin is more than a teacher, she’s a wise coach; her workshops are more than a lecture series, they’re a vital writer’s colony. I’ve participated in two so far, and will definitely sign up for more.

Robin is a wonderful teacher. She shares her personal experiences with writing while allowing her students to explore their own process and voice. I feel like my writing is more honest after taking her workshop.”

“I’ve taken quite a few writing courses in the past and learned more from Robin and was more inspired than at any other time. I particularly liked the attention she devoted to motivations-why people feel the feelings they feel and act out of those feelings. It’s a great tool for developing characters or, in my case, just trying to understand what the heck was going on with parents, grandparents, etc, etc.! Thanks so much for firing me up-I just hope I don’t let the flame die down again.” 

“Thank you, Thank you Robin. I am very new to writing and I recently took Robin’s intro to writing workshop and it was an amazing experience. I came out of that class a changed person, gaining not only in writing growth but also the personal growth that happened in that 3 hour workshop. Robin’s experience, skill at teaching, coaching, and guiding, her authenticity, kindness, and great personality showed me how to write from my soul!”

“I took Robin’s three-hour course ‘That’s a Great Story, Now Tell me the Truth’ at a time when I could no longer ignore my own writing knocking at the door. For years, I have written for other people and edited their work. Through a series of exercises and maybe a little magic, Robin gave me a set of tools that have helped me begin listening to my own writing voice. Plus, you can’t beat being in a room full of other writers! I’m already looking forward to taking more courses with her.”